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In order to fulfill the transcendent concept of "resistance economy", near the capital of Iran a project with various background developments started and the necessary preparations for constructing a grain refinery went through the agenda of Zar Industrial and research Group.

At the early November 2014 the first phase of the country’s first grain refinery became operational with the presence of the First Vice President of Iran Dr. Jahangiri. This refinery has the advantage of relying on supply, production and distribution is scheduled in such a way that now it can refine thousands of tons of grain everyday for dozens of industrial units and subordinates in the country. Role as a dry port, settling in the transit pathways of country and exclusive access to the rail transport network are the most important features of this refinery. By reducing transportation costs, Iran’s competitive power in international markets will increase. Not only Zar Grain Refinery is equipped with grain silos in factory ( with 1 million ton capacity) and special warehouses in Amir Abad Port, Noshahr and Bandar Anzali in north of Iran and Imam Khomeini Port in south of the country, but also assures the constant and constant supply to the consumer industires.

Zar Fructose Factories

Zar fructose factories are only one company of Zar grain refinery companies. The first outcome of these factories is a product from the family of sweeteners. Natural sweetener extracted from corn like different types of High Fructose Corn Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Starch and etc. Products of this company by emphasizing on three merits of Quality, Health and Economic Efficiency have entered the market. Zar Fructose targets to promote and enhance health of the consumers and manufacturers products. Some General and Economical Benefits of Zar Fructose Production are: Economic and cost-effectiveness compared to sugar and sugar derivatives. Maintenance and storage costs low and non-waste product during storage. Effective use of time, labor and energy due to the elimination of refined sugar and cooking . Having the highest purity comparing to other sweeteners. No microbial contamination and sterilized distribution (ASEPTIC) of products. Omission of inversion phase and greater stability of the product during storage.

About Zar Fructose